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Online Virginia Network

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Center, about 568,000 students left higher education institutions in Virginia without obtaining a degree between 2001 and 2020. 

“When Virginians complete their degree, it does more than just boost a career. A better-educated, better-prepared workforce makes Virginia-based companies more competitive here and abroad.”

This is the mission of the Online Virginia Network: to help Virginian’s complete their degreees. The OVN website is actually 4 different partner institutions all working together for this mission.
Our process
The previous website of OVN grappled with accommodating the diverse requirements of multiple partner institutions. With an enormous influx of data from various sources, the site inundated users with an array of choices. The old site posed a significant challenge for transfer students and other user groups as they had difficulty finding relevant information to fulfill their objectives. The landing pages funneled users through a form without providing them the necessary resources to fill it out with confidence. 
Conversion Focused 
The OVN website is focused on connecting students to the right online programs to complete their degrees. However, every students situation is different and most need individual counseling to sort out their credits. 

Therefore, getting students excited about a program and then connected to a counselor is the overall goal. We created a flow allowing students to filter down to programs by interest, then surface a contact form at the right moment.