The Challenge

We set out to craft a web experience that would connect proud ASU alumni living all over the world. Featuring sleek new designs, streamlined navigation, and seamless social media integrations, the new ASU Alumni site will be around for years to come.

  • Improve Alumni interactions
  • Increase awareness of activities
  • Larger Chapter visibility
  • On brand unique designs
Arizona State University Alumni screenshot
Arizona State University Alumni screenshot


User Personas

We were able to collaborate with ASU on collecting and reviewing the diverse student segments involved with the website. With such detailed data we were able to get a clear view on what information was key to highlight on the homepage.

Sitemap Workshop

With our understanding of the users and the past issues that they've seen, we were able to limit the number of menu items and help direct users to key information. They use of sidebar sections and other call outs help to declutter the main menu and keep it focused.

Design to Compete

With so many alumni associations out there KWALL had to step up our game to give ASU the best in class look. They have an amazing strong brand to work with and it lent itself to creating engaging sections of content throughout the site.

location tagged events section


ASU Alumni are scattered all across the world so we made sure visitors had filtered events near them. With subtle personalization throughout the site, we are able to recommend specific chapters, events, and other details based on the visitors location.

membership options screenshot

Membership Benefits

A focus on bringing in more members is key to any alumni association. KWALL designed a simple view of what tiers are available and what you get. Below those, a full list of benefits is listed and divided by tabs to keep the content condensed and easy to transition to a mobile experience.

Chapters Landing Page
local chapters page screenshot
Membership Options
membership pricing options screenshot
Signature Events
gameday page screenshot
alumni chapters section

170+ Chapters to Choose From

With a huge community of alumni spread across the world its important to show new alumni where they can continue to be supported. Here's another example of where personalization is implemented, in the first box the chapter will change depending on where we deem the visitor to be located. Helping users get to the right content as quickly as possible is essential to keeping them happy.


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