The Challenge

There is no other university in the world quite like Caltech. As a result, there is intense interest in everything that goes on at the university. The site architecture has to serve the needs of visitors who know what specific content they’re looking for, and those wishing to learn about Caltech in general. There was also a desire to get rid of excess content and have more robust flexibility for incorporating multimedia.

before homepage screenshots
after homepage screenshot



Through a blend of surveys, interviews and analytics we were able to uncover how to best structure the site.


We conducted many in-person workshops to create custom layouts for all the different divisions. 


Extensive documentation on all the design parameters and functionality was key to working with the Caltech team on this project. 

article screenshot with image gallery and student quote

Beautiful Custom Articles

Caltech's incredible research and ingenuity frequently put them in the spotlight. We wanted to give them the flexibility to showcase that achievement.  News articles can be built with modular components to accomodate a variety of media.

screenshot of open navigation menu

Reorganized Site Structure

So much goes on at Caltech, from research to events that push the boundaries of innovation, that it was critical to simplify navigation and organize information in a logical manner. Now everyone can stay up-to-date on what’s happening on a day-to-day basis in both scientific research and campus life.

Custom Division Pages

With the migration of so many pages and divisions, we collaborated with specific divisions on campus to restructure their content, making everyone’s life simpler and more productive. The Caltech site needed to be more flexible in order to incorporate multimedia. The solution was a large, robust style guide and components library for content editors to use throughout the site

Research Landing Page
Research page screenshot
Events Feed
events page screenshot
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