• Art Direction
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing
  • UX Web Design

ENOW is a leading technology company specializing in workplace productivity software solutions. Their newest product, AppGov, is a comprehensive platform that helps customers asses their security posture with one easy score.

Homepage screenshots

Our Process

This project aimed to establish a fresh design, focusing on visual appeal, content strategy, and clear art direction while emphasizing AppGovā€™s unique offering of providing customers with a single security score.

We collaborated with ENOW’s subject matter experts to create clear and compelling content that highlighted AppGov’s security features and benefits and ensured the content was structured for easy readability and comprehension. 

Laptop, tablet and mobile mockups

Content Strategy Implementation

We leveraged best practices for conversion oriented design in a freemium model. Leading the customer through a narrative that defines common problems and ENOW’s solution.

  • Custom infographics
  • Social proof
  • CTA funnel

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