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Let KWALL Migrate You from Kentico 12 Get Started Kentico 12 End Of Life 2023 The Right CMS for Your Organization Kentico will stop supporting Portal Engine sites in September 2023. From a hosting perspective, that means such sites no longer receive feature updates or security support. Upgrading to Kentico 13 MVC and .NET Core would be a complete rewrite, so the majority of your older Kentico code cannot be reused.Depending on your site complexity, this could be a significant investment. If your business is concerned about lapses in security support,SEE DETAILS

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What does information Architecture do?Information Architecture is the science that organizes and classifies digital information so site visitors can find and use it without frustration. At its core, it helps classify content in a clear and understandable way so that users can easily understand the relations between the content, finding information with less effort on your website navigation.Where do I start?Like all aspects of User Experience, start with understanding the user and their context and point of view. User research is part of the core of Information Architecture. When weSEE DETAILS