How To Boost Your School’s Online Reputation

A school’s online reputation is just as important as its physical presence. Prospective students and parents often turn to the internet to learn about schools, making it crucial for educational institutions to manage their online image effectively. The recent global pandemic has turned everything related to education on its head, including how universities are perceived…

Content Management: How Does SEO Content Affect Me?

Creating content for SEO, or search engine optimization, involves crafting material that is not only informative but also packed with relevant keywords to boost your website’s visibility in search engine results pages. Essentially, it’s about enhancing your site’s chances of being seen and chosen by potential visitors. While there’s no foolproof recipe for producing the…

Meet KWALL’s Fernando: Navigating EDU Space Challenges and Crafting Effective Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving technological world, the educational sector constantly faces new hurdles. From streamlining and modernizing learning experiences to creating engaging, interactive digital platforms, the challenges are multifaceted. Navigating these waters effectively requires deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. In this post Fernando, the VP of Solutions and strategy here at KWALL, who is…

Migrating CMS from WordPress to DrupaI

Historically, most websites remained static, lacking the capacity for seamless evolution. Yet, today they are considered living entities. They breathe, they morph, they respond. Choosing the perfect platform for managing your content isn’t just a decision – it’s an art. Especially for those mammoth enterprises and expansive websites, the ones carrying a universe of needs….


Enhancing User Experiences through Strategic Usability Testing: Insights from KWALL

According to research conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, rectifying usability issues identified during early testing can result in a reduction of development costs by a factor of 10 to 100 times. However, gaining a true comprehension of users and optimizing their experience is more akin to navigating a woven, coiling path rather than a…


3 Essential Elements for a Higher Education Website: The Checklist

Having a checklist or a systematic and standardized approach to tasks, procedures, or processes should not be limited only to high-stakes professions like nursing, aviation, and surgery. Applying a framework for your UX web strategy helps your student journey and has a direct impact on your enrollment, student retention, and reputation. At KWALL, we continually…

Are You Missing Enrollments Due to Poor Website Navigation?

As a potential student, navigating your university’s website should be seamless and easy. Unfortunately, many universities have fallen short when it comes to website navigation. This can significantly impact both current and prospective students ability to connect with the university to pursue enrolment, leading to frustration, confusion, and a lack of engagement with the university….


Designing for Generation Z: A Game-Changer in Higher Education UX

In our user research at KWALL we frequently engage with prospective students and we have observed a recurring trend that sheds light on the challenges of designing for Generation Z. Born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, Generation Z is the first generation to grow up entirely in the digital age. As they enter higher…

The Power of Responsive Design: Accelerating Enrollment Rates and Enhancing User Experience

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, responsive design has emerged as a catalyst for transforming user experiences across diverse industries. Whether it’s enrolling in a university program or ordering a pizza, responsive design plays a pivotal role in driving faster conversion rates and meeting user expectations.  Together, we will unravel its mysterious influence on soaring enrollment…


Supercharging Your University SEO Strategy: Insights and Recommendations

Our previous blog post delved into the importance of optimizing school websites to reach a broader audience. While we covered various strategies, there’s one powerful approach that often goes unnoticed: search engine optimization (SEO). The best part? SEO optimization doesn’t have to break the bank. The State of SEO in Higher Education The UPCEA/Search Influence…

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