Optimizing Your Website and Engaging Alumni

KWALL is proud to be the trusted web agency for major universities and colleges, catering to their digital needs and helping them achieve their objectives. From student enrollment to alumni engagement, we have supported educational institutions in navigating various challenges, including the recent Coronavirus Pandemic. In addition to our expertise in content governance, accessibility, and SEO, we specialize in addressing the specific needs and frustrations of alumni associations. In this blog post, we will explore how we assist alumni associations in engaging with their university, simplifying the giving user journey, highlighting campus influence, and overcoming common frustrations related to feedback, event discovery, and website consistency.

Alumni Engagement and Making a Difference

Alumni associations play a vital role in maintaining the bond between graduates and their alma mater. Through strategic website solutions, KWALL helps alumni associations engage with the university community and understand the impact of their contributions. We showcase the significance of making donations by highlighting how they directly benefit students and the institution. By creating compelling storytelling elements and impactful visuals, we provide alumni with a clear understanding of how their support positively influences the university’s ongoing success.

Highlighting Campus Influence and Community Impact

One of the key objectives of alumni associations is to showcase the campus’s influence on the community and the state. KWALL develops information portals that effectively communicate the university’s achievements, community involvement, and its contributions to society. Through captivating photo and video galleries, we bring the campus experience to life, allowing alumni to relive cherished memories and stay connected to the institution’s vibrant spirit.

Simplifying the Giving User Journey

We understand that a seamless and user-friendly giving experience is essential for alumni associations. KWALL focuses on simplifying the giving user journey, ensuring that alumni can easily navigate through the website and make contributions with minimal effort. By streamlining the donation process, integrating secure payment gateways, and providing personalized options based on alumni preferences, we enhance the overall giving experience and encourage ongoing support for the university.

Feedback, Event Discovery, and Consistency

Alumni associations often face frustrations related to feedback mechanisms, event discovery, and website consistency. KWALL addresses these challenges by implementing effective feedback mechanisms that enable alumni to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas. We design intuitive event calendars and search functionalities that simplify event discovery, ensuring alumni stay informed and engaged. Additionally, we establish consistent branding and user experience across the website, promoting a cohesive and seamless interaction and alumni engagement.

Arizona State University Alumni Association

To illustrate our expertise in optimizing alumni association websites, we invite you to explore our case study on the Arizona State University (ASU) Alumni Association. Through KWALL’s innovative solutions, ASU was able to revitalize their website and create an immersive experience for their alumni. The redesigned homepage featured visually stunning elements, including engaging videos and contemporary design elements. Leveraging Drupal 8, we prioritized responsive and accessible designs, making it easier for graduates to connect with and support the university. The personalized user experience, tailored based on location, further strengthened the bond between ASU and its alumni community.

As universities prepare for commencement and graduation, it’s crucial to optimize your website for alumni engagement and to celebrate their achievements. KWALL’s expertise in developing information portals, creating captivating photo and video galleries, simplifying giving user journeys, and fostering ongoing connections with alumni can help your institution create a thriving alumni association. By leveraging our comprehensive web solutions, you can ensure a seamless digital experience that strengthens the bond between your university and its alumni community.


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