Online Reputation Management: How to Boost Your School’s Online Presence

A school’s online reputation is just as important as its physical presence. Prospective students and parents often turn to the internet to learn about schools, making it crucial for educational institutions to manage their online image through effective online reputation management.. The recent global pandemic has turned everything related to education on its head, including…

CMS Migration: From WordPress to DrupaI

Historically, most websites remained static, lacking the capacity for seamless evolution. Yet, today they are considered living entities. They breathe, they morph, they respond. Choosing the perfect platform for CMS migration isn’t just a decision – it’s an art. Especially for those mammoth enterprises and expansive websites, the ones carrying a universe of needs. This…


3 Essential Elements for a Higher Education Website: The Checklist

Having a checklist or a systematic and standardized approach to tasks, procedures, or processes should not be limited only to high-stakes professions like nursing, aviation, and surgery. Applying a framework for your higher education website and UX web strategy helps your student journey and has a direct impact on your enrollment, student retention, and reputation….

Poor Website Navigation Could be Costing You Enrollments

As a potential student, navigating your university’s website should be seamless and easy. Unfortunately, many universities have fallen short when it comes to this. Needless to say, poor website navigation can significantly impact both current and prospective students ability to connect with the university to pursue enrolment, leading to frustration, confusion, and a lack of…


Supercharging Your University SEO Strategy: Insights and Recommendations

Our previous blog post delved into the importance of optimizing school websites to reach a broader audience. While we covered various strategies, there’s one powerful approach that often goes unnoticed: search engine optimization (SEO), or more specifically, your university SEO strategy.The best part? SEO optimization doesn’t have to break the bank. The State of SEO…

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Making University Websites More Accessible for Nontraditional Students

As the education world navigates through the dynamic landscape of emerging trends and challenges, universities must adapt and find innovative ways to capture the hearts and minds of nontraditional students. One hyperbole that comes to mind when discussing this issue is comparing navigating a traditional website as a nontraditional student to finding one’s way through…

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University Website Revamp: Progressive Web Apps Walkthrough

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide users with an app-like experience, all without the need for a dedicated app development process. PWAs are designed to be accessible whenever needed, without consuming precious memory or data on a smartphone. They provide an enhanced user experience, improved performance, and offline capabilities. Here’s a walkthrough of how PWAs could…


Leveraging User Insights: Fueling Informed Decisions and Driving Web Design Success

In the dynamic landscape of web design, success is not achieved in isolation. Design does not live in a vacuum, but rather thrives in a continuous conversation with clients and users. It is through this ongoing conversation, fueled by user insights and client collaboration, that the true cornerstones of success are built. By approaching this…

Guided Pathways: Navigating the Higher Education Journey

In a world where students face numerous challenges—ranging from academic hurdles to mental health concerns—it’s not uncommon for them to question if their higher education journey is truly worth it. Struggles such as dropping out, transferring, overwhelming debt, changing majors, difficulty making friends, and navigating mental health issues can leave students feeling lost and disillusioned….

Alumni Engagement and Optimizing Your Website

KWALL is proud to be the trusted web agency for major universities and colleges, catering to their digital needs and helping them achieve their objectives. From student enrollment to alumni engagement, we have supported educational institutions in navigating various challenges, including the recent Coronavirus Pandemic. In addition to our expertise in content governance, accessibility, and…

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