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The Entire KWALL Team
We’re here to help. Between us we have decades of experience creating and developing web experiences.

Meet the brains behind what’s in your web browser.


Kevin Wall

CEO & Founder


Anita Melendez

Chief Operating Officer

Fernando Chavez

VP Solutions & Strategy

Ryan Strohm

Director of Business Development
Noah Kramer

Creative Director
Cindee Van Dijk

Digital Project Manager
Alan Curtis

Arun Verma

Senior Developer
Trevor Brooks

Digital Project Manager
Ruslan Piskarov
Drupal Developer

Mel Tajon
Front End Web Developer

Kris Van Eyk
Project Manager

Laurie Medina

Project Manager

Dimitry Puyandaykin

Yasaman Shamloo
User Experience Researcher

Daniel Matcau
Drupal Developer

Francesco Virgone

Digital Project Manager


Jennifer Aceves
Project Coordinator

Artem Gorodetskiy
UX Designer

Teo Stamboliev

Marketing Coordinator


Udit Rawat



Tien Wang



Ajay Yadav



Robin Kumar



Mary Danniecha Molate
Executive Administrator



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