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Top 5 Benefits of a Higher Ed Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to the digital presence for your higher education institution, don’t settle for anything less than exceptional — here’s why you should hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in higher ed. 

Digital marketing has potential, particularly when it comes to your higher education institution. If you craft an effective digital marketing strategy and execute it to perfection, your college or university puts itself in a strong position to attract website visitors from across the globe.

Yet, building and implementing a successful digital marketing plan can be difficult. If your web team lacks digital marketing know-how and experience, you could be left trying to figure out how to enhance the website, improve the mobile experience, and perform other upgrades on the fly. 

These can lead to costly mistakes that will hamper your ability to attract and engage website visitors for years to come. You also risk alienating those visitors to the point where they shy away from your school altogether. 

Want to transform your higher education institution’s digital marketing? Hire a higher ed digital marketing agency

A specialized, higher education digital marketing agency is a difference-maker for colleges and universities. An agency that knows your space and understands how your digital platforms must interact with students, recruits, and parents is a huge advantage. Here are just five of the many benefits this offers.

1. Fresh ideas

You may believe your higher education institution’s website is hitting the mark with its target audience — and in some ways, you may be correct. But, when it comes to web design and experience, there is always room for improvement. 

A higher ed digital marketing agency can offer a fresh look at your school’s website. It uses an in-depth process to analyze your website and compare it to other institutions and the kinds of experiences students expect. Then, the agency can help you determine the best course of action to transform any website weaknesses into strengths. 

2. Comprehensive strategy

Digital marketing extends beyond your higher education institution’s website. In fact, a digital marketing strategy should encompass social media, blog posts, and other techniques. Together, these techniques will enable your college or university to effectively engage with web visitors — and show them why your school is a top choice for students. 

A higher ed digital marketing agency works with you to develop and implement a cross-functional strategy. The agency learns about your college or university and its target audience, and then it reviews a wide range of website data to craft a custom plan to help your school connect with web visitors. It will also provide tools to monitor progress toward your digital marketing goals. 

3. Informed decision-making

Digital marketing data is readily available, but your higher education institution may struggle to get the most value out of this information. Despite your best efforts, the sheer volume of data available can be overwhelming. However, if you cannot mine and analyze this information, you’ll miss out on key insights that could help optimize your digital marketing. 

A higher ed digital marketing agency helps make sense of complex data. The agency employs experts who can assess data and offer meaningful insights. It also tracks data across your website, so you can see which digital experiences are delivering the desired results. These are insights you can use to constantly improve your site and explore ways to engage web visitors like never before. 

4. Continuous collaboration

Your digital marketing efforts thus far may have been inconsistent due, in part, to silos within your team. If digital marketing team members frequently work independently, they may struggle to get the job done to the best of their ability. The bottom line: Your school gets only a fraction of the results it wants if its digital marketing team members cannot effectively communicate and collaborate with one another. 

A higher ed digital marketing agency fosters communication and collaboration. The agency hosts meetings between your team and its own, and, together, all parties can find ways to improve your digital marketing plan. Plus, your digital marketing team can receive tips and recommendations from a higher ed digital marketing agency, so it can thrive going forward. 

5. Ongoing innovation

You want your higher education institution’s website to stand out from all others. To accomplish this goal, you’ll need to innovate, but new ideas can be problematic and lead to problems you weren’t prepared to solve. For instance, your college or university can invest in the latest and greatest digital marketing technologies, but there are no guarantees these are the right technologies for your school. 

A higher ed digital marketing agency is committed to innovation in the same way but has more experience in how different ideas have played out for other institutions. As such, the agency can help you uncover unique ways to engage website visitors. They can also provide feedback regarding past or current digital marketing campaigns and help you stay on the right path to drive ongoing innovation across your entire digital presence.

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