CIO Applications named KWALL as one of the Top 10 Edtech Solution Companies for 2021, and we couldn’t be more honored for this recognition. This list of tech companies includes some of the most innovative in the industry. CIO Applications is a print and digital magazine that delivers the latest news to CIOs and business leaders, so they always know what’s trending. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed expectations for the higher education realm. Students and teachers have been adapting to remote learning environments, and institutions have had to come up with new ways to manage and support them with digital solutions. Organizations can no longer afford to put off embracing Edtech tools and digital transformation.


More colleges and universities are looking to integrate technology into their practices and curriculum. New tools like automated platforms and advanced software programs are needed to fully meet the needs of today’s educators and students. AI-driven platforms are also helping institutions gather more data about students and understand how best to support them during challenging and uncertain times.


KWALL helps higher ed institutions integrate new web capabilities to improve key focus areas, including student recruitment and retention, alumni engagement, diversity and inclusion, accessibility, and donor relations. KWALL has focused on improving digital experiences with 14 years of experience building websites and more than 600 successful higher ed site launches. Colleges and universities can expect an improved user experience, more intuitive site navigation, and better online content.


These solutions have become integral for higher ed institutions to be able to establish a strong brand image online, stand out from competitors, and engage and inspire their audiences. As the pandemic has caused such significant shifts for education, it is more important than ever for leaders to lean on new Edtech tools to continue to grow and improve.


KWALL is happy to be recognized by CIO for our contributions to Edtech with our web design and development services.


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