Coming in April 2018, Mollom a service we love to suggest to stop spam on Drupal based websites who have forms will be shutting down. Currently with about 37,000 websites using the platform there’s a need for alternatives. Here’s our suggestions: 

1. Use Google’s ReCaptcha service:

2. Use the Honeypot module:

3. Use the antibot module:

Each of these has their pros and cons, we tend to use the ReCaptcha module since it’s backed by Google and the updated versions have a one click “not a robot” check that makes it easier for all of our customers end users to pass the spam filter checks with minimal effort. Honeypot is a great module as it uses a hidden field that normal visitors can’t see, but bots tend to fill out. If filled out it’s noted as spam. 

Antibot is a newer module we’ll be looking into that uses javascript to check for bots as well without use of a captcha. The downside of it requiring javascript to allow forms to be filled out, might be an issue with some sites but looks promising as an option. 



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