Videography in Higher Ed Recruiting

When it comes to marketing anything, videos are ubiquitous, and for good reason. People share videos twice as much as they share other content, and 84% of people who responded to that study were persuaded by video to make a purchase. For institutions videography in higher ed recruiting has become a a critical part of any marketing plan. 

Before you decide to use that long video of a campus tour, you should know that short videos capture more attention from viewers. It’s the age of social media, so people want short bursts of information. If used effectively, that can work to your advantage. A short, punchy video can act as a teaser, leaving viewers curious about your school and wanting more information. 

Long-form videos, such as that campus tour, certainly have value, and your short, punchy video pitches can lead to those on your website with more information after you’ve piqued their curiosity. Short-form videos capitalize on the shorter attention spans of social media users – two seconds or less – and give you another valuable tool for your marketing arsenal. Let’s dive into why video marketing is essential today and the content that will give you the boost in engagement and enrollment you want. 

Why a Short Video is Important to Market Your School

It is really all about social media, particularly the rise of TikTok. Today’s young consumer uses short-form video not only for entertainment but to stay informed. With over 91 million users, TikTok set the stage for other social media platforms to add similar features to meet the demand for these short takes. 

It’s no longer a trend – short-form video is here to stay. Video is used by 86% of colleges and universities, so if you are not using videography, and using it correctly, you are losing prospective students to your competitors. There are also lots of statistics that support the notion that video is de rigueur for higher education marketing today:

78% of schools say that video has a positive ROI

Videos dominate the internet, making up more than 82% of consumer traffic. Video helps message retention: Watchers retain 95% of what they learn in a video vs 10% when reading text. For businesses in general, video brings in 66% more qualified leads annually.

One of the most important stats of all is that two-minute videos get the most engagement. After that, there’s a significant drop-off. With only two minutes to work with, it’s important to make your content count.

5 Ways Short, Impactful Videos Can Pack More Punch

Two minutes might seem like a short time, but when made properly, it can make your school stand out and do quite an effective job at delivering your value proposition. Here’s how:

Be different

You can’t fit details into a short video, so the important thing is to give an accurate, authentic big picture and do it creatively. Use animation and a cinematic approach that makes prospective students feel that your school is tapped into popular culture. Capture their attention by adding elements of popular themes, such as fantasy or science fiction.

Sprinkle in some inspiration

As a marketing tool, putting your full graduation ceremony online isn’t going to attract many viewers. But a short, inspiring highlight video will. Add a soaring soundtrack, candid shots, and quick cuts, and prospective students will see people like themselves achieving their educational goals. 

Testify! People value peer reviews over any other influence. About 68% of Gen Z either read or watch a minimum of three reviews before they make a purchase. Another 16% will look at nine or more. Making a short video with quick takes from real graduates can engender trust because the testimonials are coming from people just like them. 

Online-only school? Face the challenges, highlight the rewards

Online-only schools already have a more difficult time showing the student experience. Be honest about the difficulties faced by working students and those with family responsibilities. But also show the great rewards that come with educational achievement. Be sure your video is tailored to your audiences and let viewers know what makes you different from other online universities. 

Give that campus tour but make it snappy

Upbeat music with quick cuts of campus life and the surrounding neighborhood will make prospective students hungry for more information. Use your market research and highlight areas important to students, whether that’s a dorm room, health facilities, or the campus bookstore. It’s less about smiling faces and more about beefing up your value proposition. 

Marketing is, in the end, all about connection

Connecting properly with your target audience on their preferred medium. Videos are emotionally evocative, and that’s something you can use to your advantage, even in short videos. Your prospective students want to interact with you in a way that’s quick and convenient. Use videography to give them just enough information to keep them wanting more.

Videography in Higher Ed Recruiting: How KWALL Can Help

Is your website up to the challenge of your marketing strategy? You can build all the interest you want, but if your website is a big letdown for prospective students with a wonky UX and a disorganized content management system, you’re going to lose them. Videography in higher ed recruiting can make a significant difference by offering dynamic visuals and engaging content that captivates prospective students and enhances their overall experience.

You can count on KWALL to support the development of your higher ed website, help you implement a CMS, and support you while you use it. We can also help you create a maintenance and support plan that works so you can manage content through a content management system

KWALL specializes in helping colleges and universities increase student engagement through the quality of their websites. Reach out and contact KWALL today to talk about how they can help you.


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