Custom Web Development and Design Experts for Universities

For higher education institutions, we understand the unique challenges of engaging and retaining students in a rapidly changing digital landscape. 

Challenges we excel at: 

  • Content Management: Whether you need to migrate a massive 10,000-page website or update a decade’s worth of outdated content. We take pride in creating logical and easy-to-use content management systems that ensure mastery over your own assets.
  • Website Navigation: Your website’s navigation can make or break your customers’ journey, so it’s crucial to get it right. Our team of experts specializes in custom UI/UX design that delivers real results and a strong ROI. From being at the cross-section of marketing and tech, we know how to align with your effort of growing awareness, and once people get to your site – make them do what you want them to do. 
  • Visual Design: We believe that your digital presence should reflect your unique brand and personality, which is why we use focus groups, data, and your own personal input to create visually stunning designs that increase student enrollment, alumni engagement and donorship.
Trusted Partners for Government 

For government agencies, we know that delivering critical information and services to the public is essential. While also promoting tourism and local business opportunities.

Challenges we excel at:

  • Integrations: Digital governance requires an ecosystem of available services online. Streamlined infrastructure that provides every solution for its users is key. We specialize in creating custom integrations that seamlessly connect different services and platforms to create a cohesive ecosystem that’s tailored to your needs. 
  • Secure & Optimized Services: For large-scale government and city websites, security is paramount. That’s why we partner with our clients to deliver the best security practices and future-proof technology to protect their assets and their users. In addition, we aim to enhance the design of the pagination components to create a user-friendly interface that effectively connects residents, businesses, and government agencies through mobile devices. Our goal is to provide an intuitive and efficient solution for accessing important information and services.
  • Accessibility: It doesn’t end with an audit. We create compliant and secure websites that comply with regulations and meet the needs of diverse audiences.

Our team is experienced in working with government agencies at all levels, and we can provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your website is always up and running.

Enterprise, Simplifying the Complex in Web 

For large enterprises, we understand the importance of standing out in a crowded digital marketplace. 

Challenges we excel at: 

  • Custom Web Applications: We believe that your web platform should be aligned with your key business objective. An interactive store locator map for your online store front, nutritional info integration for your product or complex browsing features – KWALL is excited to tackle your needs, no matter what they may be. Business verticals and the protecting the bottom line start with user-centered design, on-page optimization, and business automation. Specific goals require specific solutions. KWALL serves both. 
  • Continuous Improvement: We understand that your web development journey doesn’t end once your website is live. Natural partners in your web development efforts, we are with you every step of the way. 
  • Branding: Our mission is not only to enhance your website’s user experience, but ensure your brand message is communicated effectively. Highlighting your unique voice is the surest way to connect with your customers. KWALL will work closely with you to understand your brand identity and develop a custom solution that highlights your unique value proposition and resonates with your target audience.

Contact KWALL today to turn on a true digital agency partner for your web needs.


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