Kwall gives higher ed a leg up on the web with stronger enrollment, connected students, and a reputation for the future. Talk to us today and see how we can take on the web together.


Investing in Web is not insignificant for colleges and universities. It’s usually a large investment with high expectations riding on the outcome. That’s why so many higher ed institutions have chosen and continue to work with Kwall year over year. No other web agency has more experience with edu.


Institutions that neglect their Web properties fall behind in new enrollment and retention. Kwall is deeply entrenched in this world, and has expertise in what makes students take action online. 


The amount of work that goes into implementing a complete web strategy for a university is overwhelming and frustrating due to internal fragmentation. Kwall has seen it all, and done it all, when it comes to higher ed. They can take the stickiest problems and find solutions. Moving from a basic to a modern web presence is handled, giving edu marketing departments peace of mind.

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Title IX, ADA, WCAG... Let KWALL demystify the rules and regulations.

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Social Media

Engage with students where they choose to spend their time.

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Canvas, Banner, LDAP, EMS and Office 365 to name a few. We understand integrations are crucial to how colleges do business.