A Powerful Web Platform Requires More Than Powerful Technology

That’s why KWall offers exceptional UX/UI services. Every Web property is designed to masterfully reach and engage students online.​

Creative Direction

The design is one of the most crucial pieces to the user experience. KWALL designers have a sophisticated ability to create art in a dynamic and responsive way. Our design philosophy pushes us to create new and unique designs and experiences.

Brand & Identity Design

Growing your brand is an important process in extending your brand and it’s personality into a unique site experience. KWALL knows today's consumer engages with your brand through a myriad of ways such as the web, apps, print & social. It's key to know how all these dots connect in order to give users a consistent and helpful experience.

Our Deliverables

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Brand / Identity Design
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Content Strategy
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User Experience Strategy
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Website Design
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Mobile Design
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Native App Design
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Campus Map Design
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Interactive Styleguides

Research & Strategy

Research is used to understand your users, their needs, their frustrations, their objectives and how to plan user journeys, user personas, and your site's sitemap. Part of our process includes creating sitemaps and wireframes to plan out the structure of the new project, prior to starting design. 

We can conduct user surveys and focus groups to collect information about your users. We take everything learned in the user surveys or focus groups and summarize it into a quick-read booklet. We use this data to back design decisions during the wireframe and design process.

Visual Design

Our design team aims to improve the user experience from start to finish by optimizing for usability and accessibility. We approach every project with a "user-first" mindset, providing your users with the best possible experience. The result, a website or app that users find easy to use, increasing applications and conversions.

Typography, color, balance, hierarchy, and layout are some of the basic concepts our team considers to get users to engage, enticing them to come back again. 

We have a deep award-winning practice in design. We work with our clients to deliver award-winning visual experiences that capture and delight.


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