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Palmer College of Chiropractic

Our goal was to create a modern and visually appealing interface that reflects Palmer’s dedication to excellence in chiropractic education. With an emphasis on intuitive navigation and engaging design elements, our revamped website aims to provide aspiring chiropractors, current students, faculty, and the wider healthcare community with an immersive experience. This redesigned website not only showcases the college’s offerings but also empowers visitors to embark on a transformative journey in chiropractic education.
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Winner of a 2023 W3 award for School/University Websites
Our process
We began by conducting thorough research to gain a deep understanding of the college's mission, target audience, and goals. This involved studying user demographics, analyzing competitor websites, and collecting valuable insights from stakeholders. With a solid research base, we moved on to creating designs. These visual representations provided a blueprint for the website's structure and layout, allowing us to outline key pages, navigation menus, and content hierarchy. 

With the visual design in place, our development team brought the website to life. Using the latest web technologies and coding practices, we transformed the static designs into a fully functional and responsive Wordpress website. This stage involved writing clean code, optimizing performance, integrating interactive features, and ensuring cross-browser compatibility.Throughout the entire process, we maintained close collaboration with the college's team, seeking their feedback and input at key milestones. The result is a visually captivating and user-friendly website that reflects the college's dedication to chiropractic education while providing an immersive digital experience for visitors.
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Global Reach
Palmer's alumni and instructors practice chiropractic all over the world. It's one of their greatest strengths and serves as a key tool. Letting alumni tell their own story inspires the next generation of students and allows them to imagine themselves as a doctor of chiropractic. 

We also built a tool for visitors to tap into the global pool of Palmer chiropractors. You can enter a city, state or zipcode and locate Palmer experts in your area.